Terms of Use


1. These terms of use define the rules of electronic services (hereinafter Services) by FIRMBOOK BUSINESS COMMUNITY located in Bełchatów, Osiedle Dolnośląskie 127/10, 97-400 Bełchatów, NIP number: 7681496571 (hereinafter referred to as Service Provider) by the web service www.firmbook.eu (hereinafter Service).

2. These terms of use are rules, referred to in Art. 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 about provision of electronically services https://isap.sejm.gov.pl/isap.nsf/DocDetails.xsp?id=wdu20021441204 .


1. Service Provider provides the following electronically services:

a) the ability to create personalized profiles on the Website and publish informations on its offer, in order to arouse the interest of other users looking for products, services and companies / suppliers and / or networking connections between users,

b) the ability to publish on the Site information about looking for goods, services,

c) the ability to search resources available in the Service to find information about offers and companies,

d) paid subscriptions / packages, allowing for better promotion / positioning the presentations of offers and users business on the Service and to equip them with the tools, opportunities and resources in accordance with http://www.firmbook.eu/en/_packages/comparison .

2. Exclusive rights to the functions available through the Services, in particular copyright, separate right to databases, rights of protection for trade marks enjoy the Service Provider. Rights for the content of users accounts eligible to userss to which the Service Provider provides Services.

3.The service provider is responsible for the efficient operation of the Service as a set of tools, opportunities, resources to facilitate the conduct of business and affect its promotion, positioning, availability, range ... 

4. Services shall be made only at the request of the user. Without user consent is never accrue any charge.

5. Packages Test they are always free.

6. The confirmation of purchasing a paid e-service is an e-invoice.

7. Service is not renewed automatically, and any fee is not charged automatically. In case of feedback contact from the user applies to discounts.

8. By accepting these Terms user who will benefit from the paid services consents to the transfer electronically invoices(e-invoices) from the Service Provider.

9. The user using a paid e-service purchased as part of the subscription may withdraw from using it only after prior contact by email to the address kontakt@firmbook.eu. Each case is treated individually.


1. Services are available for every user visiting Internet Service available at www.firmbook.eu , subject to section IV point 1.

2. Use of the Services as referred to in section II point 1 a), b), c) is free. Other terms and conditions provide for payment for services listed in section 2 point 1 d) provided by the Service Provider in accordance with http://www.firmbook.eu/en/_packages/comparison .

3. The service provider is not a party to the transaction carried out with the use of the Service functions between service users. In particular, the Service Provider accepts no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the data made available through the accounts and statements transmitted by the Service among themselves for possible violations of the rights of others and for the credibility and solvency of the users. Any disagreements will be resolved between the parties concerned without involving the Provider in any legal action related disputes. The Service Provider provides only the services and tools to support business processes and facilitate the conduct of business.

4. Service Provider reserves the right to delete publications and the users profiles. Each case is treated individually.

5. Service Provider may delete user accounts competitive in relations to the Service Provider.

6. It is forbidden to any action potentially or actually hinder or impede the proper operation of the Service. Preceding sentence shall apply accordingly in cases of actual or potential actions to the detriment of the Service Provider. In the event of such proceedings, the Service Provider reserves the right to take appropriate action to remedy the damage.

7. The user of the Service are prohibited downloading the re-use for any purpose, all or part of the Service's database in addition to data available as part of the Services.

8. For violation of the provisions of these Regulations shall be also acts or omissions to circumvent these rules.


1. Proper use of the Services can be able if the users computerized system be able and ready for minimum requirements associated with the use of web browsers.

2. The Service Provider shall not be liable for technical problems or limitations occurring on the hardware that is used by user, and which prevent him using the services referred to in section II point 1.

3. Service Provider does not accept any responsibility for the lack of access to an account on the Site caused by failures, technical interruptions, interruptions in the provision of Internet providers, data loss, or by acts of force majeure.

4. Service Provider is not responsible for the proper functioning of the users mail accounts. The user is obliged to use the correct and current email address in the relationship with the Service Provider.


In the course of using the Services are installed cookies.


1. It is prohibited to:

- use services provided by the Service Provider to violation of the applicable law,

- using information provided by the Service Provider through the Services for competitive purposes.

In the above cases, the Service Provider will endeavor to remove the account from the Service.

2. User declares that all information posted by him on the Site under your account are true. User bears all responsibility for the information published under your account.

3. User declares that the information referred to in section VI point 2, do not constitute personal data within the meaning of Art. 6 of the Act of 29 August 1997 about the protection of personal data.

4. Service Provider reserves the right to remove publication violating decency, Polish law, offending third parties and introduced carelessly, and repeated, etc.

5. Entering data in the Service under account user agrees to publish them on the Internet and consent to the collection, storage and processing them by the Service Provider and within the available services.

6. User consents to the use by the Service information referred to in section VI point 2 in order to provide the Service Provider services referred to in point II. In the case of a referral by any third party of any claim to the Service Provider in connection with the use of the information referred to in section VI point 2, customer will release the Service Provider from any liability in this regard.


1. All complaints concerning services provided by the Service Provider shall be directed to kontakt@firmbook.eu . The maximum response time to a complaint is 3 days.

2. The complaint should include first name, last name and e-mail address of the complaining party as well as detailed description and reason for complaint.

3. Complaints shall be considered by the Service Provider immediately, in order of receipt.

4. The method of handling the complaint the user making the complaint shall be notified to the e-mail address given in the complaint.